Q. What net do we use?

One square inch of midge net!

We use midge net, as standard, 1200 per square inch. Midge net is a soft and finely woven nylon mesh constructed with a tight weave, irregular pattern with approximately 1200 holes per square inch this netting provides excellent protection from even the smallest of pests, and the small midge.  Also known as Noseeum mesh. This net is delicate and will ladder if caught.

We can also make the screens with fibreglass net which is far more robust but the holes are larger and will not protect against midges.

Q. How to Fit?

Easily fitted under the door seal rubber in under 30 minutes, clips provided.

Installation Guidelines

What you will need: something to stand on, step ladders or work platform, a craft knife and an extra pair of hands and the flyscreen and clips.

  1. Assemble the above tools.
  2. Identify the outer side of the flyscreen and locate the “central guide V  notch” on the screen header.
  3. Identify the centre of the centre of the door seal.
  4. At the top there are the 2 steel locking bars.  Do not worry about them they will not interfere with the fitting.
  5. Pull the top rubber seal down in the centre  and offer up the screen up to it and tease the rubber down where the steel lock locators are and thread the screen through. This is the only point where the screen will not fully go through. This can take a little time, have patience!
  6. Check the bottom of the screen is where you want it, if not adjust to suit, and clip it in place if using the clips and check again. 
  7. When satisfied, work out evenly from side to side a little at a time, replacing each section of door seal securely.
  8. Adjust as necessary.
  9. Trim off the excess with the craft knife.
  10. Finished!

Watch the fitting video here.

Q. Warnings

Liability – Webbnet Flyscreens does not accept responsibility for damage or injury caused by improper installation, use or handling of the Webbnett Side Door Flyscreen. With the purchase of this product, you confirm that you have read, understand, and will act on the warnings outlined in these instructions.

Usage – The flyscreens for the sliding door should only be in the down position when the van doors are open, please ensure that the flyscreens are rolled up before closing the door.

Open Flames – Webbnet Flyscreens must be kept away from open flames and other sources of extreme heat or fire, (e.g., cooking areas, naked flames, BBQs, etc).  Be aware of embers and ash carried by wind from nearby campfires.

Pets – Webbnet Flyscreens are not designed as pet restraints! Webbnet Flyscreens does not accept responsibility for damage caused by pets to the flyscreens.

Vehicle Safety – Webbnet Side door flyscreens are designed to be installed in the side door of panel vans, campervans, and motorhomes. Take care to plan safe escape from the vehicle in an emergency. 

Q. How to care for your fly screen

Cleaning – Sponge with warm soapy water and rinse by sponging with clean water.